Currently two-thirds of the UK population don’t have a Will and fewer still have Trusts. The Asset Protection Strategy Ltd provides advisers with the initial training and ongoing technical & marketing support they need to be fully able to meet their clients needs in these vital areas of planning. Advisers will then be able to capitalise on the considerable business opportunities created. We have proven that we can provide a successful “front-end” to the legal people’s specialist technical expertise.

For Clients:

The Asset Protection Strategy is designed for those clients who wish to more fully protect themselves and their family’s future inheritance. It is for those who have worked hard to create wealth, even if most of that wealth is in their home. It is specifically designed for those clients who wish to ensure that the wealth they have created is protected as fully as possible now but for the future generations to come.

The Strategy uses a tried & tested combination of Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney to cover the most common threats to the asset base that most of us hold these days - our home, savings, investments, life assurance, pension plans & death-in-service benefits.

By setting up a Will the client can make sure their wishes are followed as directed and assets pass to who they wish them to, rather than as the Intestacy Laws direct. Trusts are established to ensure that those assets are then able to be passed on, protected for their client’s children and grandchildren - what we call Bloodline Protection.

As a consequence of having established this bloodline protection, the client’s home is very likely to be protected from future Local Authority Long-Term Care cost assessment. Furthermore, it is quite possible that the planning will reduce any Inheritance Tax liabilities. 

For Advisers:

The Asset Protection Strategy is an extremely professional service that will create real peace of mind for clients. It has also proven to link very closely with the more traditional life & critical illness protection cover arrangements, increasing protection business written for most advisers and providing a great basis of referral for pension & investment advice.

With all the regulatory change occurring in the financial services sector; many advisers have found that now is the perfect time to discover how offering an Asset Protection service to their clients can revolutionise their business and generate additional income.

Both adviser and client can feel secure in the knowledge that professional specialist advice is provided by our independent Legal Services partners, who’s firm has 15 years of experience in the estate planning, tax & trust arena.

Recommendations are returned to you with the necessary sales aids and submission paperwork, including the client invoice. Tracking of submitted cases through to payment and completion is provided. Commission payments are made by bank transfer after 14 days - with no clawback potential.

Full responsibility for the client advice, recommendation, document preparation and execution is the Legal Services company’s, backed up with Professional Indemnity held in perpetuity.

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